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In 2019 BGCM will host another 5-week Summer Program that will focus on STEM + Arts = STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), Robotics, Young Entrepreneurship, Fashion & Design, (and SSAT/SAT/ACT Prep and Writing - based on enrollment) from July 1 - August 2, 2019, 9:00am-4:00pm with before and aftercare available.  Camp will be held at Monmouth Worship Center, 37 Vanderburg Rd, Marlboro, NJ 07746.  Our program will also encompass an international cultural immersion experience which will include students from China, Spain, and/or France.  Summer camp is open to ALL NJ and NY RESIDENTS at an affordable cost. Contact us to learn more. Click here to confirm our 2019 license to operate a youth camp in New Jersey by the Department of Health


All parents must complete Form #1: Consists of main registration form information.

All parents must complete Form #2: Contains pickup/drop off authorizations and consents to rules and regulations.

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2019 Summer Camp Open House & Camper's Orientation Dates

Join us for an open house and camp orientation. Meet our staff, tour the facility and learn how your child will have the best summer ever!

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start time


OPEN HOUSE DATES (Registration Required):
Only those who register will be notified of any date/time changes.
We encourage you to bring children with you.

  • VIRTUAL Open House:
    11:00am-12:00pm SHARP
    Saturday, May 4, 2019
    (website and phone number to dial in will be provided after registering below)

  • IN-PERSON Open House:
    6:15pm-7:15pm SHARP
    Friday, May 10, 2019

  • IN-PERSON Open House (Tentative):
    11:00am-1:00pm SHARP
    Saturday, June 8, 2019

Only those who register will be notified of any date/time changes.
We encourage you to bring children with you.

  • IN-PERSON Parent Orientation (Tentative):
    11:00am-1:00pm SHARP
    Saturday, June 29, 2019

Hear from staff about BGCM's amazing work.


Camp & Open House Location:
37 Vanderburg Rd, Marlboro, NJ 07746

We look forward to meeting you!
*Dates/Times subject to change.
Only registered participants will be notified of changes.



An inside look at our STEM & Robotics classes!

Not Your Average Summer Camp!


2019 ALL INCLUSIVE Summer Camp: Grades 1-12

Your child will encounter a whole new world of fun with a host of programs to choose from, including STEM + Arts = STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), Robotics, Young Entrepreneurship, Fashion & Design, (and SSAT/SAT/ACT Prep and Writing - based on enrollment). Breakfast and lunch may also be included with tuition! Campers will also experience a variety of programs, activities, guest speakers, and trips; plus much more.

  • Expect action packed days, games, new skills discovery, safe adventures, and devoted counselors. Campers will be energized to come back each day.

  • Every camper receives free breakfast and lunch (unless otherwise noted)!

  • 5 Weeks: July 1st – August 2nd; Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 4:00pm; Grades 1-12/Ages 6-17. Before and After Care is available. See registration forms for more information.

  • CIT (Counselors-in-Training) program available.


What to Bring to Camp Daily - Please send your child with the following items (labeled with their name):

  • Backpack, 1" Spiral Notebook, 1 Folder, 2 pens, pencils

  • Sunscreen, Water bottle, Sneakers daily



2019 Robotics: Grades 1-12


Two people working together to build a robot

*Click on the grades' curriculum to view the answers.

Grades 1-5 curriculum may include:

  • Endless Inventions
  • Making things move
  • Interactive play and more!

Grades 4-12 curriculum may include:

  • Mechanical and Structural Engineering
  • Competitive Design Challenges and more!

Grades 6-12 curriculum may include:

  • Design, Mechanical, Structural, and Civil Engineering
  • Arduino technology, Motors and Motion, and more!


**BACK AGAIN: Fashion & Design 101 (Grades 6-12 Only)**

Pattern Cutting & Sewing Techniques

BGCM offers unique fashion courses teenagers, allowing students to experiment with new techniques, build confidence, acquire new skills and be inspired to learn more. Experience gained will be used as a platform to determine which fashion career path to pursue, uncover new strengths, or just do something new, creative, and fun.

Fashion runway and design studio

Students will be exposed to basic sewing skills, and build confidence in various pattern cutting techniques. Through practical demonstrations and hands on experience, students learn how pattern pieces are shaped to make garments, and how to lay out patterns ready to cut out and make up a garment with their new found sewing skills.

Course includes:

  • Dart manipulation, pivoting, and slashing

  • Grain lines, balance marks

  • Using a ½ scale size 12 block

  • Designing a simple shirt

  • Pattern cutting and making a sample in calico

  • Sewing techniques

  • Various seam constructions and finishing finishing


Important Enrollment Information:
Classes are based on enrollment (Grades 6-12). Minimum 10 students needed to confirm class. Seats are confirmed once payment is received. First come, first served. Book early to avoid disappointment. Dates are subject to change based.



2019 Young Entrepreneurship Class: Grades 1-12


Subi Snacks & Jolly Treats banner

The Young Entrepreneurship Academy is INCLUDED in our STEAM summer camp. This is an innovative and exhilarating program that aims to transform youth in grades 1-12 into educated, equipped, confident entrepreneurs. Through our various stages of entrepreneurship classes, students will learn financial literacy, business concepts, generate business ideas, and conduct market research to eventually create business plans, pitch to investors, and launch their businesses. Key elements of the program is student commitment, adult support and accountability, communication, and building important relationships with key individuals. Keynote speakers and partner organizations will come in to speak with students and provide invaluable information. Free workshops will be offered as a special bonus to those who comply with program requirements.



SSAT & SAT Test Preparation: Grades 4-11


Student and tutor one on one

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is given to students in grades 3-11 who desire to attend independent or private elementary, middle, and high schools. BGCM test prep tutors/instructors are pleasant, patient, sensitive to the needs of a diverse student population, and have a passion for serving the community. Tutors/instructors have prior experience and/or are certified teachers. Tutors/instructors may work in-person or virtually, either one on one or in small group settings.  nce we receive your online registration form, we will match your child(ren) with the most suitable tutor/instructors.

The SAT/ACT test is college admissions standardized tests widely used for college admissions in the U.S.  BGCM test prep tutors/instructors are pleasant, patient, sensitive to the needs of a diverse student population, and have a passion for serving the community. Tutors/instructors have prior experience and/or are certified teachers. Tutors/instructors may work in-person or virtually, either one on one or in small group settings.  nce we receive your online registration form, we will match your child(ren) with the most suitable tutor/instructors.


Past & Future Summer Activities

2016 Summer Camp

We encompassed an international cultural immersion experience with students who came from China, just to attend our program. Daily activities included STEAM instruction, Creative Arts, Literacy and Financial Literacy, where students spent 6 solid weeks delving into the book, Rich Dad, Smart Dad and creating business ideas and products. Neptune and Marlboro police as well as Matawan Fire Department brought their cars and trucks to camp and educated our students about careers, safety, and respect. We brought in numerous career professionals such as an anesthesiologist, pediatrician, civil engineer, environmental scientist, and a patent attorney. Students dressed in professional attire when TD bank came in to do a financial literacy workshop and we were invited by United Airlines to visit the airport; where we toured their warehouse of supplies and saw 25 million dollar engines, cockpits, planes and more.

2017 Summer Camp

We encompassed an international cultural immersion again.  Daily activities included Robotics, STEAM instruction, Creative Arts, Literacy, and Financial Literacy. Campers applied for and received jobs and were paid $125-$180 in BGCM money. They paid rent for their desks, received interest, fines, bonuses and were able to bid on items in our weekly auction. Neptune Police Department conducted a workshop on kidnapping and we brought in numerous career professionals to speak to our students. A pediatrician, food scientists from International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), a senior scientist from L'Oreal, and Johnson & Johnson's IT department held a hands-on coding and app development workshop. Students dressed in professional attire when TD bank came in to do a financial workshop on saving for college and we took a trip to New Jersey Natural Gas which allowed students to see how a gas company works and the careers in the field. We visited Newark Federal Courthouse where students learned about the justice system by speaking with a federal judge right in his courtroom. They sat in the juror, prosecution and defense team seats and learned about court procedures. We also went to Atlantic Records in NYC where students toured the office, recording studios, met the COO and spoke with record executives. Our students also had a blast when we competed against The Preparatory Academy during field day at another summer camp Jackson, NJ. 

2018 Summer Camp

We had a blast! Campers were taught in classrooms without the classroom feel. Some classes were held indoors and out. Many return campers expressed great appreciation for the improvement in their reading, math, and science scores as a result of what they learned during the summer at BGCM. High school students went on to enroll in AP classes which was not an option before BGCM. Summer slide? Not when enrolled at BGCM!
Students enjoyed Robotics, STEAM instruction, Creative Arts, Literacy, Tutoring, Financial Literacy and Fashion & Design with students from NY, NJ and MD. Every camper applied for a job and receive a weekly BGCM paycheck which they later used to bid on items in our weekly auction. Guest speakers included entrepreneurs, accountants, Johnson and Johnson’s technology department, TD Bank, Be the Sea Change, and Chef Gami joined campers as they made buttermilk and cinnabon style biscuits. Yum!
Field trips included the GRAMMY Museum and Rutgers University Forensic Science Department & College Tour. Campers also put on a mock trial at the Newark Federal Courthouse which blew the judges, attorneys, and staff away with their preparedness and knowledge of the case. Finally, on our trip to Shoprite, campers learned about nutrition before receiving a budget and instructions on shopping for groceries from all food groups to feed their families of four each. They were challenged and rewarded. Parents could not stop thanking BGCM for allowing their children to have such an experience.
Each week also included a fun filled activity: Bring a Friend to Camp Day, Black Panther Day, Crazy Sock & Hair Day, Water Day, but the one they looked forward to most was PAY DAY & AUCTION DAY. So much fun packed in 6 weeks.

2019 Summer Camp

The goal for 2019 is to continue to develop capable students who can function in a highly technological world, while expanding our reach to students going into 1st grade all the way to 12th grade.  Our programs aim to improve student growth, close achievement gaps, decrease dropout rates, and increase high school graduation rates. International students will attend camp and enjoy Robotics, STEAM instruction, Creative Arts, Literacy, Tutoring, Financial Literacy and Fashion & Design along with students from NY, NJ and MD. Every full day camper will apply to a job and receive a weekly BGCM paycheck. Guest speakers may include food scientists, forensic scientists, attorneys, doctors, technology professionals, those who work in the financial literacy, the music industry, and more. Trips may include a visit to many of the places we have visited before and more. Camp at BGCM is one that your child MUST experience in 2019. So enroll today! 

Frequently Asked Questions speech bubble

Click on the questions below to views answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

What is STEAM?

In this climate of economic uncertainty, America is once again turning to innovation as the way to ensure a prosperous future. Yet innovation remains tightly coupled with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – the STEM subjects. Art + Design are poised to transform our economy in the 21st century just as science and technology did in the last century.

STEM + Art = STEAM STEAM is a movement championed by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and widely adopted by institutions, corporations and individuals. The objectives of the STEAM movement are to:

*  transform research policy to place Art + Design at the center of STEM
* encourage integration of Art + Design in K–20 education
* influence employers to hire artists and designers to drive innovation



What's the big deal about STEAM (STEM+Arts)?

STEAM educational practices draw on each of the disciplines, while appealing to a broader base of students who explore and make connections between art, music, mathematics, science, and engineering and technology. Two-thirds of the engineers who receive Ph.D’s from US Universities are not US Citizens. The breakdown of college graduates with STEM Degrees are as follows: 46.7% China, 37.8% from South Korea, 28.7%, Germany, and 5.6% from the US1.

The goal of initiatives instilling STEM in classrooms is not to create more scientists, engineers, or mathematicians but instead to develop capable students who can function in a highly technological world that draws upon multiple knowledge types2. STEAM education represents a recognized national next-generation high-impact academic model. The practices, strategies, and programming are built upon a foundation of identified national best practices which are designed to improve under-represented minority and low-income student growth, close achievement gaps, decrease dropout rates, increase high school graduation rates and improve teacher and principal effectiveness3. We need to improve the composition of the STEM education pipeline to include more women and underrepresented minorities. Although women fill close to half of all jobs in the U.S., they hold less than 25% of STEM-related jobs. At the same time, 43% of school-age children today are of African American, Latino, or Native American descent. Yet of all the engineering bachelor’s degrees in the U.S., less than 15% are awarded to underrepresented minorities. We need to reconcile these opposing trends so that the composition of our STEAM education pipeline reflects America’s shifting demographics4.

Sources: 1 2 3 (Vasquez, Sneider & Comer, 2013). 4 Atkins, Rodney. “America Desperately Needs More STEM Students. Here’s How to Get Them.”Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 9 July 2012. Web. 18 Feb. 2015. .

Why should my child study STEAM with BGCM?


The ability to compete in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields are pertinent to the success of our children in order to gain a competitive advantage over their peers. We must position them to succeed now, academically; and later in the workforce. Additionally, there is a great need for returning Arts into the national curricula. Other countries have realized that STEAM (STEM+Arts) education is an international priority, and we must recognize the same. Arts education enhances creativity and inspires innovation. Both are critical components to creating new industries in the future. At BGCM, your child will be Encouraged!

In order to achieve global competitiveness, BGCM has designed our STEAM summer program with an innovative method for youth to learn using a fun, out of the box approach to education. Your child will be Empowered! With our combination of first-class STEM instruction, combined with Arts education (STEAM), your child will experience a fresh approach to science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Our instructors will provide students with tools designed to refresh, improve, and advance their current knowledge. Your child will be ready to Transform Communities!

Upon completion of our STEAM summer program, your child will be equipped to carry out the vision of BGCM…Encourage, Empower, and Transform Communities!

What should we expect from BGCM's STEAM Camp?

STEAM is taught as one subject. Additional arts options are available.

SCIENCE: Learning through interactive and hands-on science activities. Students will become mini scientists and gear up for fun experiments and science adventures!
TECHNOLOGY: Participate in an array of problem solving activities with exposure to rudimentary and complex concepts.
ENGINEERING: Various engineering techniques integrated into the curriculum to offer a comprehensive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.
ARTS: Utilize visual art, design, drawing and more ,to foster creativity, design thinking, tech literacy, teamwork, and problem solving.
MATH: Students will become familiar with fundamental and multifaceted mathematical concepts.
ESL & ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTION: Students will also be exposed to Reading, Writing, Current Events/Social Students and ESL (if applicable).

Where can I find prices, register my child, or obtain scholarship information?

Click on the links: To obtain information on prices, registration, and scholarship information.

What will my child learn in STEAM?

Below is a brief list of topics students may cover. This list is a sample only. All STEAM education is hands on. In effort to measure growth and the effectiveness of our programs, Pre and Post Assessments will also be provided.

Grades 1-5 list of brief sample topics (all hands-on):

* Introduction to Science: Scientific method, investors, and design
* Earth Science: Volcanoes, oceans, clouds, and water cycle
* Plants and Biology: Functions, growing, and butterflies
* Introduction to Engineering/Architecture: Principles of architecture, math and blueprints
* Physics: Roller coasters, potential and kinetic energy, and design/build catapults
* Invention Week: Create models, and find solutions
* Chemistry: Mixtures, density and Ultraviolet radiation

Grades 6-12 list of brief sample topics (all hands-on):

* Manufacturing
* Airplanes
* Architecture
* Electronics
* Problem Solving, Developing Ideas, and Creating Solutions
* Engineering
* Food Science & Sustainability
* Medical Technologies
* Agriculture and Biotechnologies
* Energy and Teamwork
* Electricity, Design, and Modeling

What will my child learn in Robotics?


Grades 3-5 curriculum may include:

* 3D Building Blocks  
* Design and creating inventions
* Strengthening designs
* Making things move
* Fine motor coordination, logical reasoning, spatial visualization
* Cooperation, teamwork, problem solving and finding solutions
* Trucks, Helicopters, Robots, Caterpillars, Cell Phones, and More.
* Construction Vehicles
* Hoists and Cranes
* Carnival Rides
* Conveyors and Elevators

Grades 4-12 curriculum may include:

* Mechanical and Structural Engineering
* A deep dive into Simple Machines and Mechanical Advantage
* Computer Aided Design and 3D Printing
* Competitive Design Challenges. 

Grades 6-12 curriculum may include:

* Simple to Compound Machines
* Design, Mechanical, Structural, and Civil Engineering
* Aerospace
* Motors and Motion
* Develop Mechanisms to Achieve Desired Functionality
* Arduino Coding
* Steps to Successful Inventions

Do you serve students with basic, intermediate, and advanced STEM skills?

YES! We serve students with skills from all levels. Our programs are designed to level the playing field for students with less experience and will also challenge students with more advanced STEM skills.

Does BGCM Programs align with NGSS or Common Core Standards?

YES! All lessons link to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Engineering Design standards & the Common Core.

How can I make a donation or payment?

Click here to give a donation or to make a payment.


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